Research Grants

Research funding grants from within Indonesia can come from Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, (DIKTI), Ministry of Education and Culture (kemendikbud), Other Ministries, non-Ministries and higher education institutions as well as internal institutions such as DRPM UI. Whereas grants from abroad can come from institutions. Research funding from DRPM UI includes UI Research Grants(Hibah Riset UI) and DIKTI Decentralization Research Grants (Hibah Riset Desentalisasi DIKTI, Swakelola UI), this type of grant intended only for UI lecturers/researchers.

Research that collaborates between universities can take advantage of funding originating from the Hibah Penelitian Kompetitif Nasional DIKTI (Competitive Research Grant scheme DIKTI) or from internal universities (example:  Hibah Kolaborasi UI aka UI Collaboration Grant). In addition, currently the Ministry of Finance through LPDP (Educational Fund Management Agency) issued Program Bantuan Dana Riset Inovatif Produktif or RISPRO (Productive Innovative Research Funds Assistance Program)

Types of research that could be done is collaboration between universities, with funding from Department of Higher Education, with