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Prof. Suahasil Nazara


Suahasil Nazara is the Vice Minister of Finance, Republic of Indonesia, having been appointed since October 25, 2019. He was previously appointed as Chairman of Fiscal Policy Agency, at the Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia, having been appointed on October 31, 2016.

He earned his bachelor degree majoring in Economics from Universitas Indonesia (1994), his Master degree from Cornell University USA (1997), and his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA (2003). His expertise includes the economics of development, regional economics, labor economics, economics of poverty and social protection, and econometrics.

Prior to his appointment at the Ministry of Finance, Suahasil was an active and leading economist as a member of Indonesian Economist Association, the Expert Team for Minister of Finance on Fiscal Decentralization (2009-2011), and National Economic Committee (2013-2014). He previously also active as Vice Chairman of Supervising Committee of the Indonesian Decentralization Watch (2009- 2015) and the Policy Coordinator at the Secretariat of the National Team of Poverty Reduction Acceleration at the Office of the Vice President (2010-2015).

Suahasil Nazara is a committed academic. He joined the government official as a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (1999) which he then held different positions: Head of Graduate Degree Program in Economics (2004-2005), Director of Demographic Institute (2005-2008), and Head of Economics Department (2009-2013). In 2009, Suahasil obtained the status of Professor in Economics.

He was Born in Jakarta on November 23, 1970.