Non-UI/DIKTI Grants

Non-UI/DIKTI Grants


Ministry of Finance’s LPDP Research Grant

The Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) under the Ministry of Finance provides an opportunity for university researchers to conduct research in the form of Productive Innovative Research Funds (RISPRO), given to research groups that plan to commercialize and/or implement previous research results that have been proven to be technologically feasible. In other words, research that receives RISPRO Funding is a proven technology and ready to enter the scaling up phase towards commercialization / implementation. Therefore, RISPRO Funds are required to have partners.

RISPRO is held twice each year (January and June). Guides and more info can be found at

International Institution Research Grants

In addition to funding originating from within the country. there are several grants from abroad. The following are some research topics that have been funded by international institutions:

  1. Source of Funds: World Bank
  • Data Entry of Local Government Budget & Realization for Fiscal Year of 2008 & 2009
  • Case Study on the Link between Sub-National Government Expenditures as Service Delivery Performance in the Regions
  • Identifying the Constraints on Budget Execution in Infrastructure Sector (DIPA Tracking Exercise)
  • Survey of the Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Indonesia’s Investment Climate (MICI 5)
  • National Survey on Compliance Performance Indicators (CPI)


  1. Source of Funds : ADB Institute
  • Climate Change and Green Asia (CCGA)
  • Local Government Finance and Governance Reform


  1. Source of Funds : JICA
  • Formulation of Guideline on Evaluation Mechanism For Indonesia’s International Capacity Development Programs
  • Bank Pembangunan Indonesia (The Study on National Development Bank And Public Financing in Indonesia: The Case of Infrastructure
  • Case Study for Indonesia’s Capacity of South- South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC)
  • Data Collection Survey on Social Service Delivery and Social Security in the Decentralized Indonesia
  • Estimating the Impact of Competition in text Message Service to Consumer Welfare
  • Formulation of Guideline on Evaluation Mechanism for Indonesia’s International Capacity Development Programs
  1. Source of Funds: APEC Secretariat
  • Green Growth in APEC & Public & Private Financing for Green Industries
  • The Impact of Business Mobility in Reducing Trade Transaction Cost in APEC
  1. Source of Funds: Ernst & Young Indonesia
  • A Study on Interest and Driving Factors of Indonesian Companies for Going Public
  • Survey Reformasi Birokrasi
  1. Source of Funds: Help Age TNP2K
  • Disability Research Activity
  • Research into Social Assitance Needs of Poor and Vulnerable Elderly
  1. Source of Funds: GIZ

      Social Protection: Expanding Coverage for Worker in Informal Economy


      Assessing Public Deliveries in Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralization (AIPD)

  1. Source of Funds: Chemonics/ProRep (Program Representatif)

      Policy Research Grant ProRep (Program Representasi)

  1. Source of Funds: CONNECTasia Forum Pte. Ltd

Survey on Teleuse at the Bottom of the Pyramid-4 in Java Indonesia

  1. Source of Funds: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)

      Small & Medium Entreprises (SMEs) Access to Finance in Selected East Asian Economies

  1. Source of Funds: Global Development Network (GDN)

      Governance & Public Expenditure: The Case of Road Transportation in Indonesia

  1. Source of Funds: GTZ Indonesia

      Study on Social Protection for Informal Workers in Indonesia

  1. Source of Funds: OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

        Background Paper : Transport Infrastructure and Sub-Regional Integration in Indonesia

  1. Source of Funds: SEADI

        Local Poor in the Operating Area of Natural Resources Extracting Industry