What We Do

International Office FEB UI is formed as a proof of FEB UI’s commitment to going global as a world class university. The main activities of International Office FEB UI is including developing partnerships and agreements with various international institutions, managing FEB UI inbound and outbound mobility, and coordinating with International Office Universitas Indonesia to support Universitas Indonesia as a world class university.

International Office also support the strategic role of FEB UI in performing the Higher Education’s Tri Dharma to the International Level. The Tri Dharma of Higher Education consists of Teaching, Research, and Community Engagement. The International Office try to manifest these values into these activities that we are very proud to present to you :
a) Teaching : Joint-Degree and Dual Degree, Twining Program, Joint-Teaching, Public Lecture, International Workshop, Seminar, Training, Immersion Program, UI Creates
b) Research : Joint-Research, Joint-Publication, International Journal, International Conference
c) Community Engagement : Voluntary in English Club, Company Visit for International Student, Student Visit to University Abroad