Students Activities

FEB UI students are very active, in addition to academic activities they are also involved in non-academic activities. Most of these activities involve FEB UI students as a committee. Forms of activity, such as, competitions, conferences, music festivals, and community service. In addition, FEB UI also has sports and arts activity unit to accommodate the interests and talents of students. Below are some interesting FEB UI student activities that you should give try.

  • Jazz Goes to the Campus (JGTC) Festival has become the oldest and most celebrated international jazz festival in Indonesia consist of a series events annually and have reached more than 20.000 audience. In 2019, this will be the 42nd JGTC, bringing the theme Feel the New Jazzperience.
  • Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies (ICMSS)  is the biggest and the oldest annual international capital market event in Indonesia that is held by undergraduate students. ICMSS aims to empower the public, especially college students, in stepping into the world of capital market.  ICMSS has been improving over time and is now entering its 19th year.
  • Sharia Economics Days (SECOND) is the oldest Sharia Economic events organized by Students in Indonesia. SECOND FEB UI was born to provide enlightenment and recognition to the people of Indonesia of the revival of the Islamic economy to make the Indonesian economy better. As the oldest event, SECOND FEB UI always provides policy recommendations or Islamic economic instruments through Essay, Papers, etc. to Indonesia.
  • The Indonesia Economic Outlook 2020 (IEO’20) is a series of events consisting of student competitions and national seminars. The aim of IEO’20 is to evaluate the current Indonesian economy (2019) and the projected Indonesian economy in the coming year (2020). IEO’20 comes as a forum to bring together students and economists to discuss a number of issues in the Indonesian economy. The output of IEO’20 is evaluation and policy recommendations for the government and all relevant stakeholders to be used as a policy reference.
  • Non-Formal Schools (SNF) is a non-profit organization at FEB UI that has been established since 1979 and is engaged in social fields, especially elementary school education. The main activity of SNF is to conduct additional teaching to fifth grade (5) elementary schools around the environment FEB UI.

For the student sports and arts units, there are:

  • Sports: Badminton, Futsal, Table Tennis, Basketball, Taekwondo and Volleyball club
  • Arts: Choir, Paintings and Murals, Traditional Dance, Theater, Standup Comedy