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How to Apply for Global Opportunities Program?

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About Global Opportunities

Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (FEB UI) is encouraging its students to broaden their knowledge and perspective by participating global programs. There are three types of global program that IO FEB UI: student exchange, study abroad, and short program (winter and summer).

a) Student Exchange
The Universitas Indonesia student exchange program (outbound mobility) is a program offered for Indonesian students in Universitas Indonesia who meet the qualifications from UI and partner universities. The students from Universitas Indonesia who are interested in participating in the program must apply through the International Office Universitas Indonesia and could not apply directly to the partner universities.

Due to the agreement, the students who participate in this program will only pay the tuition fees in Universitas Indonesia and exempted from the tuition fees in partner university. The credits of the courses taken from the partner university could be transferred to Universitas Indonesia based on the approval of the department and the faculty in which the students belong.

b) Study Abroad
This program allows you to apply for a study abroad program for one or two semester at our partner university. Students participating in this program have to pay academic fee to Universitas Indonesia and the partner university, depending on the regulations stated by the partner university. By the end of the program, students will be given a certificate of completion which can be used for credit transfer process to Universitas Indonesia.

c) Short Program
This program is opened to students who want to study abroad for a short period of time during summer holiday (around June – August) or during winter holiday (around December – January). Some program may offer credit upon the completion.

– Reference: IO UI website

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