For FEB UI Students:

  1. How is the Global Opportunities Program application process? 
    Answer: Please check https://www.feb.ui.ac.id/international/feb-ui-students/
  2.  Does Universitas Indonesia provide the scholarships for the Global Opportunities Program? 

    Answer: Yes, Universitas Indonesia students can access the scholarship from Erasmus+, Eushare, AUN-ACTS, and AIMS.

  3. What is the difference between short program, student exchange program, and study abroad program?
    • Short program

    This program is opened to students who want to study abroad for a short period of time during summer holiday (around June – August) or during winter holiday (around December – January). Some program may offer credit upon the completion.

    • Student exchange program

    A program offered for Indonesian students in Universitas Indonesia who meet the qualifications from UI and partner universities. The students from Universitas Indonesia who are interested in participating in the program must apply through the International Office Universitas Indonesia and could not apply directly to the partner universities.

    Due to the agreement, the students who participate in this program will only pay the tuition fees in Universitas Indonesia and exempted from the tuition fees in partner university. The credits of the courses taken from the partner university could be transferred to Universitas Indonesia based on the approval of the department and the faculty in which the students belong.

    • Study abroad

    This program allows you to apply for a study abroad program for one or two semesters at our partner university. Students participating in this program have to pay academic fee to Universitas Indonesia and the partner university, depending on the regulations stated by the partner university. By the end of the program, students will be given a certificate of completion which can be used for credit transfer process to Universitas Indonesia.

    More information:https://www.feb.ui.ac.id/international/feb-ui-students/

  4. What are common requirements do I need to prepare for an exchange program?
    The common requirements are
    • CV or resume
    • Academic transcript
    • English proficiency test result (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)
    • Faculty recommendation letter

    However, the requirements detail may differ in every program

  5.  Do all of the exchange program which offered by UI provide the scholarship?
    Answer:  No, you can check on the exchange program announcement. If the program provide scholarship the name of scholarship will be written on the anncouncement, for example: Erasmus+ Exchange Program to University of Birmingham.

  6. How to apply for Global Opportunities Program?
    – Find the international program openings in our social media or you can directly ask to our office
    – Prepare the required documents
    – Submit the required documents to International Office Universitas Indonesia
    – Wait for the announcement
  7. How to get a faculty recommendation letter?
    Visit International office FEB UI
    – Fill out the inquiry form for the faculty recommendation letter
    – Ask for signature approval from your Head Study Program (Prodi)
    – Ask the signature approval from Head of International Office FEB UI
    – Give the form to Academic Bureau (Birpend) to get the official issue
  8. How to change my SIAK NG status after I got accepted?
    – Give the copy of your letter of acceptance to Prodi, Prodi then will forward it to Birpend
    – SK of the enrollment to host university issued
    – Your SIAK NG status will be change
  9. After finishing the Program, how can I get official academic transcript?
    – Report to Prodi and Birpend regarding your academic transcript from host university
    – Mapping the transcript received with academic supervisor (PA)
    – UI academic transcript issued
  10. Can I convert my TOEFL score into IELTS score? 
    Answer: Yes, please come to the International Office FEB UI office to see the Universal Convertion Table

  11. How can I choose the course to be transferred and how about the credit system?
    Answer: If you join the exchange program, there is a system called “Block SKS” which makes you possible to take any courses in the host universities without affect you current GPA in FEB UI. We recommend you to take the elective courses for the exchange program. For more details, please come to your Department Secretariat (Prodi).

  12. Where can I see the partner universities?
    Answer: Please check https://www.feb.ui.ac.id/international/partner-university/


For international students

  1. How to choose the subject that I want to take?
    Answer: From the list of courses available you can take maximum of 5 courses. You also have to sign a learning agreement contained list of courses you are taking. There will be further explanation regarding this upon your arrival.
  2. I want to check the class’ schedule, where can I see it?
    Answer: After you have got Universitas Indonesia Single Sign On (SSO) ID, you can check your class schedule in SIAK NG. Please go to http://www.academic.ui.ac.id
  3. When is the exam schedule? Where can I get the information regarding the exam schedule?
    Answer: Usually the schedule will be announced two to three weeks before the date. You can see the schedule on the wall magazine in the A building, first floor if you took the classes in that building. Also, on the wall magazine in international program (KKI) building, second floor, if you took your classes there.
  4. How can I get the study resources needed in the class (i.e. books, material, etc.)?
    Answer: You can borrow textbooks in our faculty library, however you need to create faculty library ID first. We will assist you creating your faculty library ID collectively upon your arrival.
  5. How are the score being grade?
    Answer: You can see the grading system at https://international.ui.ac.id/academic-administration.html
  6. How about the attendance How about the attendance in the class, am I allowed to absent?
    Answer: In FEB UI there are regulation regarding number of attendances you should comply in order to be able to take the exam. You should make minimum 80% attendance of a 2-3 SKS (credit system) courses which usually has a total of 14 meetings.
  7. For some reasons I can’t take the exam, is it possible to arrange a make up exam?
    Answer: There is no make up exam. However, make up exam can be conducted under certain condition
    • Hospitalized (proved by the official letter from hospital)
    • Core family passed away
    • Being country delegation for national events
    • Conflicting schedule of exam (approved by KKI academic staff – Mbak Sofie)
  8. What dress codes are allowed on the campus ground?
    Answer: You can wear any clothes as long as it is neat and polite, also pay attention to some lecturers usually he/she has particular rule regarding the dress code in his/her class. Please refer to this link to see what dress code are not allowed on the campus ground https://bit.ly/2sK9tnd

For potential international students

  1. I want to exchange to FEB UI, how can I apply for the program?
    Answer: You can check further information at International Office Universitas Indonesia website, please go tohttps://international.ui.ac.id/inbound.html
  2.  Is there any full degree program (4 years of study), how can I apply for the program?
    Answer: Yes, please go tohttps://international.ui.ac.id/degree-programs.html
  3. How can I see the list of courses available?
    Answer: Basically, there are three departments in FEB UI, Accounting, Management and Economics. You can choose courses related to those major in FEB UI by following this link.




  4. Do you have short program?
    Answer: Universitas Indonesia Credit Earning for Student s (UI-CREATES) is a two or three weeks shortcourse program in which student can earn 3 credtis (for two week program) and 6 credits (for three week program) after the completation. For more info https://international.ui.ac.id/ui-creates.html

    However, If you need further detail regarding the subject and syllabus you can reach us at international.feb@ui.ac.id