ECAU601421Business Analysis and Valuation3This course is part of the financial accounting class. The course aims at giving through understanding to the students about financial statements and notes to the financial statement with an emphasis on how to interpret, analyze, compare, and justify arguments on the financial statements and notes to financial statement. This course will help students to develop strong analytical skills and critical thinking. The analysis focus on the appropriateness of accounting policies used in operating, investing, and financing activities, as well as cash flow, profitability, prospective and credit analysis. Students will be provided by concept and framework to analyze the financial statements quality of earnings, and make a presentation and communicate it in English.
ECAU6011306Corporate Governance and Risk Management3This Subject provides students an understanding about the theory, definition, the importance, the principles, structure and implementation of corporate governance, as well as an overview to practice and issues of corporate governance in Indonesia. In addition, the subject introduce the risk management framework, the roles of the boars in overseeing and assuring sound internal control and risk management system, and the role internal and external auditors in promoting good corporate governance. After completing this subject, students are expected to be able to analyze the implementation of corporate governance principles in a company based on the concept learned during the lectures.
ECEU602002Economics Development3The objective of this course is to equip students with basic concepts in economic development as well as their understanding about issues on development problems and policies. The course will be organized in three parts. The first part is theories which cover principles and concepts of economic development. Then, it followed by problems and policies both at domestic and international perspectives. These last two parts discuss major set of problems such as poverty and inequality, population growth, urbanization, environmental decay, agricultural transformation at domestic perspective. Lastly, there will be three discussion at international perspective on international trade and development strategy; balance of payment, debt management and macroeconomic stability; and foreign finance and aid controversies.
ECEU607102Regional Economics3
ECEU601002Economics Modelling3This subject is aimed to help students to do economic analysis and to provide some alternatives of economic modeling which are proper to objectives and problems in economy. Economic modeling discusses utilization of several economic modeling and emphasizes basic mathematical modeling besides econometrics as an analytical tool. Taking this subject, students are expected to be able to apply the alternatives of economic modeling which is suitable with the objectives and economic problems in their final paper.
ECMU603005Marketing Management3
ECMU60104Strategic Management3