Academic Life

FEB UI students are very ambitious, active, passionate, target-oriented and open-minded. Learning and collaborating become their cultures and key success in shaping their advancement. Students of FEB UI involved in the various number of academic activities, such as lecturing class, tutoring class, competition, conference, seminar, workshop and international mobility programs such as student exchange, immersion and global internship.


1. Lecturing Class and Tutorial Session

FEB UI students attend lecturing class by the professor from Monday to Friday, with schedule varied from 8.00 AM to 4.30 PM. In addition, some of the class may hold a tutorial session taught by the lecturer’s assistant. They are keen to join several academic activities apart of lectures, due to their expectation to get more achievement, knowledge, experiences and insight to gain value for themselves and society.

2. Competition 

FEB UI gives a lot of support and opportunities for their students to gain achievement and recognition through the participation for competitions, both on a national and global scale. Through competition, student’s ability will be improved to face a more global and dynamic environment in the future. It will also allow thinking out of the box, apply practical skill and add a new perspective.


These are some national competitions that FEB UI students usually join:

– L’OrĂ©al Brand storm

– Deloitte Risk Challenge

– P&G ASEAN Business Challenge

– Hult Prize Social Enterprise Challenge

– Model United Nation

– Unilever Future Leader

– Microeconomic Competition by FEB UNPAD

– National Competition of Business and Management by SBM ITB

3. Conference 

The conference is a prominent academic forum for student to present their academic paper to other diverse academia. They will present their latest research results according to some certain field, within economics and business-related topic. Students can also explain their perspective, opinions and argue their point of view. Networking to professor and scholar from other reputable universities is also some important advantage by joining the conference


National Conferences

– Konferensi Mahasiswa Nasional Ekonomi Bebas Korupsi.

International Conferences

– Conference and Research Presentation of International Center Economics

– Humanities and Management in Dubai

– International Symposium OISAA in Tokyo

– 2nd ASEAN International Conference on Islamic Finance

– Asia-Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanities 

4. Joint research between Student and Lecturer

Joint research is usually done by FEB UI student in purpose to finish their final thesis. By joining the lecturers in a certain research project, students can get some benefits related to article publication, research mentor and supporting research data. The usual joint research program for their final thesis entitled Penelitian Payung is usually under International Research Institution funding such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), IDRC (International Development Research Center), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), and many more

5. Exchange program 

As an effort to enrich their learning experience and international exposure, FEB UI students also participate in a lot of exchange program to the partner university in Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. Students from any major can join this program each semester. By joining this program, students can get valuable experience that can help to improve their quality, they are also expected to be a good representative to promote UI and Indonesia to the World. Some of the university that FEB UI partnered with includes Korean University (South Korea), Ritsumeikan University (Japan), Groningen University (Netherlands), University of Malaya (Malaysia), and many more.

6. Immersion program 

Other international mobility program includes Immersion Program. The immersion program is the short course or short visit program, ranged between one day to two weeks to attend academic courses offered as well as learn other countries cultures and environments.

7. Seminar 

The seminar is one of the ways FEB UI provided their students with additional knowledge and insights. Almost every week, a national or international seminar will be held for students and faculty members to attend. The topics will be varied, not only limited to economics and business, but also in other fields such as information technology and career development.


1. Community engagement 

Community engagement provides FEB UI students opportunities to devote their interest in social service activities. Below are the community engagement activities that voluntarily done by FEB UI students:

– Teaching elementary school students in Non-Formal School (SNF) FEB UI and High School level in MASTER FEB UI

– Teaching in rural area under Teaching and Traveling program by Students Executive Board (BEM) FEB UI

– Community development by Devout BEM FEB UI

– Participating in Social Programs and Events by SOSCOM (Social Community of FEB) BEM FEB UI

– Donating funds for the education of the unfortunate children in Depok by PROKADISU