Undergraduate Extention Program in Management

Undergraduate Program in Management in Extension Studies

The Extension Program at FEB UI was established in 1956 to support efforts to educate the people within the framework of lifelong eduction, particularly for young professionals and executives who want to pursue an undergraduate degree in management and accounting.

Accreditation A (the highest grade)
No. SK BANPT 027/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/I/2015 tanggal 24 Januari 2015
Vision To become a reputable center for undergraduate studies in management and business in Asia so as to be able to contribute to Indonesia’s development and the global community.
  • To provide ethical and high-quality education in management and business studies that conforms to international standards.
  • To produce graduates who have basic knowledge of management and business and global insights  and who are able to realize concepts and contribute to their workplace.
Study Objective To produce graduates who have the knowledge and skills required to manage a company and who are able to perform their job functions so as to be able to contribute to their company and the general public.
Profile of Graduates 1. Have integrity and show respect for others
2. Able to create business plans to suit different economic conditions
3. Able to understand aspects of functional management that constitutes their area of specialization4. Able to formulate solutions to aspectional business problems using the right methodology.
Academic Program Extension Studies
Degree Bachelor of Economics (BEc) / (S.E. Sarjana Ekonomi)

Study Profile

To produce graduates who are able to administer first-level management processes in a company/organization or professional managers who have entrepreneurial spirit, are able to  work in a team and apply universal values to increase the nation’s global competitiveness that will in turn improve the quality of life of the Indonesian people.
Mode of Course Reguler
Length of Study 8-12 semesters
Teaching Staff List of FEB UI Lecturers

Enrolment Requirement

  • Pass Selection for Admission through the Achievement Path or Entrance Test for New Students, Joint Entrance Test for State Universities
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Students are allowed only one registration number for Universitas Indonesia
  • Foreign students must obtain permits from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia

Program Requirements

High school graduates or the equivalent


Location Undergraduate Program in Management in Extension Studies, FEB UI
Faculty of Economics and Business
UI Depok CampusDepok City, West Java 16424

Phone: + 62 21 – 7863571, 788867387,  7272646

Fax. : + 62 21 – 7863559, 7272646

Salemba Campus
No. 4 Salemba Raya Street, Jakarta 10430
Phone: + 62 21 – 31930260, 31930262, 31935080
Fax : + 62 21 – 3103695



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