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It is a collaboration between study programs in FEB UI with educational institutions in the country and abroad related to the development of curriculum and the development of study programs.

Logo of Indonesia University was created in 1952 by Sumaxtono (original name is Sumartono), Student Generation 1951, Fine Art, Fakulteit Teknik Universiteit Indonesia, Bandung. The basic idea of the logo is kala-makara, which are the two forces that exist in nature: kala as a force above (the power of sun) and makara as a force under (the power of the Earth). Both forces are combined and stylized by Sumaxtono to be makara decribing Indonesia University as both source of knowledge, and the result of knowledge which spreads to all directions.

Logo of Universitas Indonesia consists of two elements, namely: trees with branches and makara:

The meaning of logo of Universitas Indonesia is as follows:

The trees with branches and buds symbolize the tree of knowledge with branches of the knowledge, while the buds will bloom and someday become a new branch of knowledge. The buds will always bloom as long as the tree of knowledge comes alive. Thus, Sumaxtono would like to state that the branches of knowledge will evolve according to the needs and the progress of the times.

Makara which drains water symbolizes the result that radiates in all directions. The meaning given of Sumaxtono is Universitas Indonesia as a source of knowledge, will produce a graduate who is intelligent, skilled, full of devotion, virtuous, and personality, as well as being open, responsive to changes and advances in science and technology as well as the issues facing society, and being able to complete it in compliance with academic norms, no matter where they are.

The draft design and the meaning were shown by Sumaxtono to Srihadi (fine art student FT-UI, Bandung Generation 1952) in 1952. Prof. KRHT H. Srihadi Soedarsono Adhikoesoemo, M.A. – who is also the creator of logo of Bandung Institute of Technology–not knowing when and who endorses logo of UI. It is certainly a book cover, Universiteit Indonesia, Fakulteit Teknik, Bandung: Rentjana Untuk Tahun Peladjaran 1952-1953 (Percetakan AID, Bandung, 120 hlm.) used logo of Indonesia University for the first time as made by Sumaxtono (without pentagon frame).