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FEB UI is a dynamic, friendly and modern campus that is suitable as a place to forge the science for the nation leader candidates. Besides in Depok city, FEB UI campus is also in Salemba, Jakarta used specifically for postgraduate education. FEB UI prioritizes excellent service to prepare qualified human resources with the supporting facility and infrastructure. Maintenance and development efforts continue to be made to give the best thing for the successor to the relay baton of struggle. Up to now, the construction continues to be done in order to meet the world-class campus.
In addition, FEB UI is the meeting place is of multi culture integrated in the great family bonding. Such diversity gives the dynamics in the life of the campus environment. This is reflected in the diverse student activities and complementary to each other. The dynamic and diverse atmosphere shows that FEB UI is a miniature of Indonesian life.

To ensure convenience for everyone to come and visit in the campus environment, it is required the detailed and complete information. The provision of complete and thorough information about the two campus locations of FEB UI and how to access them is one of the important things to render the FEB UI as open and friendly campus for everyone. This will be helpfully for all parties to identify and visit all facilities and infrastructure in campus FEB UI. Therefore, information about the direction and position of campus FEB UI in Depok and Salemba stated in the campus map becomes a requirement. In addition, information on the number of study programs and facilities requires a comprehensive campus map. In this section, it will be presented also how to access FEB UI from various important positions, starting from airport, downtown Jakarta up to the directions that must be traversed.

Faculty of Economics and Business University of Indonesia is a modern, dynamic, and friendly campus that is an ideal place to embark on education for the nation’s future leader. Located in two areas; Widjojo Nitisastro Campus in Depok, West Java, and Sumitro Djojohadikusumo Campus in Salemba, Jakarta. Salemba campus used specifically for postgraduate education. FEB UI prioritizes excellent services of higher education to prepare qualified human resources supported by adequate facilities and competent educators.

Founded in 18th September of 1950, FEB UI is one of the oldest faculty of economics in Indonesia. The faculty has three main programs: Undergraduate Program (Sarjana or S1), Magister or Graduate Program (Master or S2), and Postgraduate Doctoral Program (Pascasarjana Doktoral or S3). There are also three departments in FEB UI, namely the Department of Economics, the Department of Management and the Department of Accounting.

The Department of Economics supervises the study programs of Undergraduate Program of Economics, Postgraduate Program in Economics, and Master of Planning and Public Policy Study Programs.

 The Department of Management oversees the Undergraduate Program of Management, the Extension Program of Undergraduate Management Study, the Postgraduate Program in Management Sciences, and the Magister of Management Study Program. 

The Department of Accounting oversees the Undergraduate Program of Accounting, Magister of Accounting Program, Accounting Professional Program, and Postgraduate Program of Accounting.

FEB UI also has an International Undergraduate Program, Undergraduate Study in Islamic Economics, and Undergraduate Study in Islamic Business.

With more than 69 years of experiences, FEB UI had developed into one of the most prominent and well-known educational institution in Indonesia. FEB UI always successfully attracts the best student across the nation and consistently produce the best higher-education graduates in Indonesia.

Student of FEB UI had and still trying to prove their excellence in various competition. They  consistently won the championship both national and international. A small portion of our achievement includes National and Global Champion of Business Trust Competition by Danone, National and Global Competition LÓreal Brandstrom, National Champion of CFA Indonesia Investment Research Challenge, and many more.

FEB UI Alumni which spread in various fields are widely known to have high competence and have been proven successful in achieving high positions in various private institution, organization, state enterprise, and the government. FEB UI also continues to contribute ideas to the nation’s progress, especially in the field of economic, accounting, and management.

The success of FEB UI at the national level is a trigger to improve its quality and achievements to the international level. The increasing number of research and scientific publications in international journals had justified the capacity of FEB UI as a research faculty. As part of the University of Indonesia vision to become a World Class University, FEB UI has also taken various steps to become a World-Class Faculty of Economics and Business.


  • Regular Undergraduate Program of Economics


Designed to create alumnus who has both macro and micro economic analysis skills, and able to fulfill the needs for analysis and research in government institutions, research institutions, banking and capital markets, the private sector, industry, and non-governmental organizations.


Academics, Economic Analyst, Employees for the government, NGOs, research institutions, educational institution and private sector.




  • Regular Undergraduate Program of Management


Designed to equip graduates with a set of abilities and expertise in the fields of finance, marketing, operations, as well as human and organizational resources development, so that they have the qualifications necessary to occupy a variety of career paths in the field of management, both in the private sector and others.


Financial and Investment Sector: Market analysis, cash flow & investment, as well as budgeting and capital market.

Marketing Sector: Market Research, Advertising and Promotions, Branding, Sales & Distribution, and Marketing Consultant

Human Resources Sector: Recruitment and Selection for Employees, Training & Developments, Relations with Unions, and HR Consultant.

Operation Sector: Supply Chain, Project Management, Production Process, Quality Control, and Consultant of Operation Management.



  • Regular Undergraduate Program of Accounting


Designed to generate professional accountants with expertise and knowledge in the field of accounting and related business. Also, the curriculum gives students the choice to take elective courses according to the career specialization they will pursue after graduation.

Career: Public accountant, management accountant, management/tax consultant, internal auditor/management control, taxation, information system user, public sector accountant, sharia accountant, educator accountant.


  • Undergraduate Extension Program

Extension Program of FEB UI provide extension for undergraduate in Management and Accounting for Diploma-III, Diploma-IV, and Undergraduate Program.



  • Undergraduate International Program


This program is intended to produce graduates with international competencies in the fields of economics, management, and accounting who have international insight and have cross-cultural experience and knowledge.

There are 2 program choices, namely:

  1. Double Degree Program

Study for 2 years at FEB UI and 2 years at partner universities. Graduates of this program will get a double degree, namely S.E or Sarjana Ekonomi (Bachelor of Economy) from FEB UI and B.Comm (Bachelor of Commerce) from partner universities.

  1. Single Degree Program

Completed 3 years of lectures at FEB UI and 1 year at a reputable overseas university. Graduates of this program will get the degree of S.E (Sarjana Ekonomi) from FEB UI.



  • Regular Undergraduate Program of Islamic Economics


The program is designed to build graduates with expertise in economic analyses based on religious worldview derived from Al-Quran dan Hadith. Graduates of this program will have the competence to understand and explain economic phenomenons in society using Islamic economic concepts, theories & instruments. They also will be able to understand the direction of the economy and the development of Islamic economics both on a regional, national, and global scale. Able to conduct integrated research between conventional economics and Islamic economics science as well as able to follow new developments in the field of Islamic economics.

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  • Undergraduate Regular Program of Islamic Business

Aimed to produce graduates with a set of capabilities and business skills–both in the fields of finance, marketing, and human resources–that based on religious worldview and vision derived from the Qur’an & Hadith and also business rationality.

Islamic Business graduates will have the competence to carry out management functions in the first line of company or organization in accordance with Islamic ethics and rules; able to apply Islamic business & finance in the real world; and able to understand and explain business and financial phenomena by using Islamic finance & business concepts, theories, and instrument.

Career: Sharia Finance and Banking Industry, Sharia Insurance (Takaful), Sharia Capital Market, and Sharia Industries in real sector such as Halal Industry and The Third Sector, namely Zakat and Waqf Management Organization. Graduates of this program will also be able to pursue careers in the public sector such as the Ministry, Bank Indonesia, OJK as well as academics, researchers and consultants.

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