Smart, Bright & Clean Campus

Smart, Bright & Clean Campus


Along with the globalization of the world economy, characterized by intense competition, this required the wise and competitive human resources. Globalization is a reflection of the increasingly integrated activities so that the level of intellectual and skill competition getting tougher. To deal with such matters, FEB UI has an obsession to generate smart and excellent human resources. With a superior human resource input quality combined with the teaching process involving the competent educators in their field, fast and easy service by the professional campus officers convince FEB UI could deliver the best graduates abroad.

The beautiful and green environment atmosphere creates the conducive and dynamic learning climate. FEB UI has the obsession to create a campus environment to be comfortable and safe place to learn. The creation of the beautiful and green ecosystems in FEB UI is the real form of our vision to the realize of the vision of smart, bright and clean campus. This effort is certainly much supported by the environmentalists and academia of FEB UI.

Atmosphere outside campus in the east side of FEB UI is Mahoni Lake bounded by the main street of the southern ring road. The Lake built in 1996 with an area of 45.000 sqm is increasingly the beautiful views of campus FEB UI. The atmosphere of the environment in the campus is cooled with the presence of makara fountain of FEB UI in the middle of the campus environment. Green field that lies near the dean office building including park rows on each side of the campus grounds along with the trash that lines up neatly, making the atmosphere of FEB UI becomes increasingly beautiful and green

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