Research and Community Services FEB UI

Research and Community Services

FEB UI’s Research and Community Service (RCS) unit was established to contribute to Indonesia’s development efforts. Community service is one of the three duties (Tridharma) of higher learning institutes; the other two duties are education and research.

Universitas Indonesia’s (UI) vision and mission to become a world-class research university dictates that UI continues to increase research and community service activities. FEB UI as a division of UI, which was named after the nation, is required to continuously give attention to and support efforts to improve people’s quality of life and welfare. Since its establishment, FEB UI’s RCS has conducted scores of research and community service activities. The skill sets and sciences taught at FEB UI are expected to play a major role in concrete activities as an application of sciences to serve public needs.

FEB UI’s RCS is expected to bring benefits to lecturers, students, units, institutions and departments within the faculty and the general public.

All research and community service activities carried out by FEB UI’s RCS comply with standard procedure and are based on quality research and public service (P2M) management by upholding the principles of professionalism, integrity and transparency.

Roadmap for Research

The roadmap for FEB UI’s Research and Community Service is divided into three main dynamic periods, described in the image below:

Roadmap Penelitian FEB UI

Image 1. Roadmap for Research at FEB UI


  1. Period 1 (2014-2019)

For the first period, FEB UI’s RCS focused on efforts to double the number of publications by lecturers, both nationally and internationally. Images 3, 4 and 5 show that the increase has been far from ideal and has even shown a tendency to fluctuate. This requires internal improvements. Research activities conducted by FEB UI lecturers and researches are actually adequate. However, the research results are rarely published in national and international scientific journals. The following systematic steps are designed to reverse the trend:

 Sistematika Peningkatan Publikasi

Image 2. Systematic Steps to Increase Number of Publications

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