Quarterly Research Report

a. Quarterly Research Report

RPM Quarterly report is a periodical report of RPM unit. published every three month. It provides analysis regarding current and relevant economics issue. The RPM Quarterly Report can be downloaded by this link below:

RPM FEUI Quarterly Report

RPM FEUI Quarterly Report 2


b. RPM FEB UI Hot Topic

RPM FEB UI HOT Topic presents current and relevant issues regarding Indonesia Economy, written in english to provide exposure for FEB UI researcher thought and ideas to the international stakeholder. 

RPM FEB UI Hot Topic (1)

RPM FEB UI Hot Topic (2)


c. Research Policy Insight

Research Policy Insight FEB UI is an activity carried out routinely at the FEB UI RPM Unit. Through RPI, FEB UI contributes to the policy formulation on various major issues in the society with data-based analysis in the scientific framework. This activity is open to lecturers, students and the public.

Below is FEB UI Policy Briefs:

Policy Brief I 2013

Policy Brief II 2013

Policy Brief III 2013

Policy Brief IV 2013

Policy Brief V  2013

Policy Brief VI 2014

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