Partnership and Venture

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The Venture, Partnership and Alumni Unit (VKA) under the Faculty of Economics and Business UI is engaged in academic and non-academic cooperation by raising funds from alumni, companies, private and government agencies.

FEB UI in its efforts to improve academic quality and learning process always strives to be at the forefront of generating excellent and intelligent graduates for future leaders.

Efforts taken include improving the quality of facilities and learning devices such as beautiful and green environments and modern comfortable classrooms that can improve the educational climate that is conducive, dynamic, motivating and comfortable for teaching and learning.

FEB UI cannot function solely without support from the community, especially form the partner company of FEB UI. We anticipated being able to jointly achieve the vision and mission of the FEB UI.

We offer collaboration between FEB UI and your company to support the quality of the learning and teaching process and non-academic activities at FEB UI.



The forms of cooperation that can be given in order to improve facilities at FEB UI include conducting class renovations. This renovation can be done in the form of in-kind where alumni can choose their own contractors or contractors recommended by FEB UI based on the design agreed upon by FEB UI.

The renovated class is lecture classrooms and computer labs for undergraduate students of FEB UI, located in A and B Building.

Class Type:


  • – Theater class
  •  – Flat class
  • – Interactive Class
  • – Computer Lab Class


Class Capacity:


  • – Large capacity: 80 – 90 students
  • – Small capacity: 40 – 45 students




  • – Placement of individual, company or class name on the entrance signage for 5 (five) years
  • – Publication of the inauguration of space on the FEB UI website.