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Online Journals

Online journals are part of the services provided by FEB UI for all members of the faculty to facilitate easy teaching-learning and research activities through access to references from several online journals. The online journals to which FEB UI and UI subscribe can be accessed via UI’s library website at and FEB UI’s Center for Learning Resources (Pusat Sumber Belajar) at

All members of the faculty must adhere to the code of conduct and the rules for using the facility. Access to the online journals is strictly limited to study, research and knowledge enrichment purposes and not for other purposes (such as for commercial use, private collection and distribution to other parties). All members of the faculty are forbidden from giving downloaded materials to non-faculty members. They are also forbidden from giving their usernames and passwords to other people and from SYSTEMATIC downloading of materials. SYSTEMATIC downloading is sequential downloading of materials from a particular journal, the entire volume of a journal, or a certain publication period.

Violation of the code of conduct may result in the arbitrary denial of faculty members’ access to the journal by the online journal provider. FEB UI will severely discipline members found guilty of violating the rules and code of conduct.

To access all the online journals FEB UI and UI subscribe to, faculty members use the “Single Sign On UI” usename. However, FEB UI members shall use the username and password ACCOUNT UI without adding ‘’.

Online journals outside Universitas Indonesia’s network: ELSIVIERJSTORPROQUESTEBSCOHost

If you access the journals from Universitas Indonesia’s network, please do not click the link above. Instead, access Elsivier directly here, for Jstor click here, for Proquest click here


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