Guidelines to Access Public Information

Guidelines to Access Public Information

UI aims to become a research university. The highest achievement efforts in terms of regional, global discovery, development and diffusion of knowledge also deepen commitment in business in the field of academic development and research activities through a number of scientific disciplines.

Thus, to complement the UI objectives and concurrent with the birth of UU No. 14 of 2008 concerning Keterbukaan Informasi Publik (KIP), it has become the duty and every public body to adopt and regulate public schemes to support this goal. Public schemes facilitate reporting that supports the provision of information and play an important role in providing wider and transparent openness in the public sector.

You can get information about regulations on the Information Commission website. The government regulation documents regarding public information disclosure can be seen via this link. For abuse of authority of UI officials, please contact us through this link.

Procedures for requesting information :

Form related to Public Information Disclosure:

Legal Basis of Public Information Services:

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Public Information Service Activities

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