Guidance and Counseling at FEB UI


Student Guidance & Counselling FEBUI

The Student Guidance & Counselling FEBUI is a unit which supports other educational units, which are under the Vice Dean of Education, in solving academic as well as non-academic problems which retard students ‘ learning process. The main aim is to have students finish their study at the time proper to the faculty rules.


Student Guidance & Counselling in Carrying out its duty

In carrying out its duty to solve students problems, SGC (BKM) cooperates with other educational units: the Registrar Office (Biro Pendidikan), all Departments (Prodi) and the Student Activity Centre (Pusat Kegiatan Mahasiswa). It also cooperates with the UI Student Guidance & Counselling Centre (BKMUI), in the examination of students with problems to get a clarification of the students ‘ mental health.

If it is considered necessary, the SGC (BKM) will include the parents of students in solving their problems. Whereas to identify students with problems, the SGC (BKM) cooperates with Academic Counsellors of all departments as well as with Peer Counsellors who already have counseling trainings needed to carry out their task.


Students’ problems are referred to the SGC (BKM) through:

  • Students who come for counselling
  • The registrar office, Departments and Student Activity Centre
  • Academic counselors and Peer Counsellors



Students who come for counselling to BKM should contact Ibu Rini 3rd floor, Gedung Dekanat FEBUI to make an appointment or make a call: 021 – 7272425, ext 188

Counselling on line     Ibu Çintavhati Poerwoto        0818754457

                                         Ibu Rini                                     08151846876