Research and Community Service

About FEB UI Research and Community Service

Research activities are a form of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education that needs to be managed professionally, in order to have a significant impact on the development of science and technology, and the benefits can be felt directly by the community, so as to improve the welfare and competitiveness of the nation. This is also in line with the vision and mission of Universitas Indonesia which strives to become one of the world-class research universities. At the university level ,research activities are managed by the Directorate of Research and Development of Universitas Indonesia (Risbang UI). Meanwhile, at the level of the Faculty of Economics and Business, research activities are managed by the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, Research and Community Service Unit (FEB UI RPM Unit).


Universitas Indonesia has 10 focus areas of leading research, namely: (1) Information and Communication Technology (2) Poverty, Children, Families, and Communities Alleviation (3) Genome (4) Governance, Democratization, and Public/Social Policy (5) Energy (6) Restoration of the Earth’s Natural Carrying Capacity (7) Nano and Advanced Technology (8) Culture (9) Indigenous Studies (10) Urban Planning and Transportation.

Image: UI’s Leading Research Area Focus

Source: UI Research Master Plan Document

The existence of the FEB UI RPM unit is expected to benefit lecturers, students, units, institutions,and the three departments within the FEB UI environment. Over the years, FEB UI’s research results have shown encouraging developments. The following is a graph that illustrates the development of FEB UI research results from 2018-2020.

The FEB UI Research and Community Service (RPM) Roadmap is divided into 3 dynamic major periods.

In early 2021, officially through the Dean’s Decree No. SK-098/UN2.F6.D/HKP.02.04/2021, 19 research clusters have been formed from 3 departments in FEB UI.

In addition to research activities, community service is also an important part carried out by FEB UI lecturers as a form of implementing the tri dharma of higher education.

Research Grant

Research funding assistance (grants) originating from within the country can come from DIKTI-Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministries, non-Ministries, and Social and Internal Higher Education institutions such as DRPM UI. Meanwhile, funding assistance from abroad can come from institutions. Research funds from DRPM UI include the UI Research Grant and the DIKTI Decentralization Research Grant (Swakelola UI), for this type of grant is intended only for lecturers/researchers within UI.


For the type of research that can be done in collaboration between universities, funding can come from DIKTI National Competitive Research Grant scheme and from within the university (example: UI collaboration grant). In addition, currently the Ministry of Finance through the LPDP (Education Fund Management Agency) has issued a Productive Innovative Research (RISPRO) Fund Assistance Program.

UI / DIKTI Grant

Non UI / Non DIKTI Grant