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CDC FEB UI Profile 

CDC FEB UI is a unit of the FEB UI Collaboration and Alumni Cooperation Sector which is a mediator for companies and prospective professionals (graduates) from  FEB UI and UI graduates in general, especially for the recruitment process, internship, industrial linkage , career sharing in the campus environment of FEB UI, as well as helping to conduct a tracer study of FEB UI graduates. In addition, CDC FEB UI is expected to be a reliable partner for partner companies and alumni.

V I S I O N :

As a center for career development and graduate work at FEB UI

M I S I O N :

    • Building a strategic partnership between FEB UI and the world of work and industry
    • As a mediator between students and alumni of FEB UI and others with the world of industry and government agencies.
    • Participating in developing the capacity of prospective graduates of FEB UI to have expertise, skills, and knowledge in terms of self-development in preparing for careers in the world of 

Tagline for CDC:

  • CDC FEB UI : Professionally Link Your Dreams

 Program CDC FEBUI:

  1. Job vacancies and internships Publication Package: Publication of job vacancies and internships through communication channels owned, namely; bulletin boards, websites, e-mail, and social networks.
  2. Company Campus Hiring Package: Bridging companies that will recruit graduates of FEB UI and other faculty graduates at FEBUI campus, companies can do presentations that can be done through the recruitment selection process
  3. Company visits aim to introduce students to the real world of work.
  4. Career snapshot and career seminar in collaboration with HR practitioners, Companies and student organizations guided by CDC FEB UI namely PBKM (Career and Internship Guidance Center) FEB UI
  5. Career workshop “Becoming An Attractive Candidate” for final semester students
  6. Tracer Study for graduates and FEBUI graduate users.

Collaboration between CDC FEB UI and the Company:


The program of CDC FEB UI’s collaboration with the company will be tailored to the needs of the company or by choosing a cooperation package as follows:


  • Job Vacancy Publication Package
  • Publication, Data of Graduates and Calling Test Participants Packages
  • 1. Presentation and Campus Recruitment Packages
  • Recruitment and Assessment Test Package from Psychologists



Companies that work with CDC FEB UI :

  1. Bank Indonesia
  2. Conoco Phillips Indonesia
  3. Danone Group Indonesia
  4. Deloitte Indonesia
  5. Deutsche Bank AG
  6. Garuda Indonesia
  7. IKEA Trading (Hongkong) Ltd
  8. McKinsey & Company
  9. Premiere Oil
  10. Pricewaterhouse Coopers Indonesia
  11. PT.  Boston Consulting Group
  12. PT. Arta Jasa Pembayaran Elektronis
  13. PT. Astra Internasional ,Tbk
  14. PT. Bank Danamon, Tbk
  15. PT. Bank ICBC Indonesia
  16. PT. Bank Internasional Indonesia, Tbk
  17. PT. Bank Mandiri, Tbk
  18. PT. Big Mobile
  19. PT. Bursa Efek Indonesia
  20. PT. Coweel Development, Tbk
  21. PT. DBS Vickers
  22. PT. DNP Indonesia
  23. PT. Orix Indonesia Finance
  24. PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation
  25. PT. Penyelenggara Program Perlindungan Investor Efek Indonesia (P3IEI)
  26. PT. Siemens Indonesia
  27. PT. SKHA Consulting Indonesia
  28. PT. Toyota Astra Motor
  29. PT. Unilever Indonesia, Tbk
  30. PT. UOB Kay Hian Securities

Location :
Dekanat Building – FEB UI Floor. 1
UI Depok Campuss
Ph. 021-7272425 ext. 142
Fax. 021-7863567
email :

Web Site :