Taking the Oath of Members for the MKKE BPK for the 2021-2024 Term

Taking the Oath of Members for the MKKE BPK for the 2021-2024 Term


JAKARTA, BPK Public Relations – (10/13/2021) On Wednesday (13 /10), the Chairman of the Supreme Audit Board (BPK), Agung Firman Sampurna, presided over the oath-taking ceremony for 2 (two) Members of the Honorary Council for the BPK Code of Ethics (MKKE) from the Academic Element at the BPK Head Office.

This oath taking was carried out based on BPK Decisions Number 10/K/I-XIII.2/10/2021 and Number 11/K/I-XIII.2/10/2021 concerning the Appointment of Members of the BPK MKKE for a term of 2021 to 2024 from the Academic Element.

The virtual oath taking ceremony took place solemnly and was attended and witnessed by the BPK leadership. Those who were sworn in as members of the MKKE BPK were Prof. Dr. Rusmin, M.B.A. and Prof. Dr. Lindawati Gani, S.E., M.B.A., M.M., Ak., CA., FCMA., CGMA., FCPA (Aust). Lindawati Gani replaces Indriyanto Seno Adji, whose term of office has expired.

With the taking of the oath, the current composition of the BPK MKKE members are: Achsanul Qosasi (Chairman concurrently MKKE member) and Hendra Susanto (MKKE member) from the BPK element, Mardiasmo (MKKE member) from the Profession element, and Rusmin and Lindawati Gani (MKKE member) from the academic element.

After the oath taking was completed, the activity continued with the signing of the minutes of the oath of the BPK MKKE members.

Virtually present were the Deputy Chairman of the BPK, Agus Joko Pramono, Member I BPK / Head of State Audit, I Hendra Susanto, Member II BPK / Head of State Audit II, Pius Lustrilanang, Member III BPK / Head of State Audit III, Achsanul Qosasi , Member IV BPK / Head of State Audit IV, Isma Yatun, Member V BPK / Head of State Audit V, Bahrullah Akbar, Member VI BPK / Head of State Audit VI, Harry Azhar Azis, and Member VII BPK / Head of State Audit VII, Daniel Lumban Tobing.


Source: https://www.bpk.go.id/news/pengambilan-sumpah-member-mkke-bpk-masa-jabatan-2021-2024


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