Ranked First in Indonesia Version of THE WUR by Subject 2022, UI excels in the Social Sciences Cluster

Ranked First in Indonesia Version of THE WUR by Subject 2022, UI excels in the Social Sciences Cluster


Depok – (18/10/2021) In the Social Sciences cluster, UI ranks 1st in Indonesia, rising from 501-600 (Times Higher Education/THE WUR By Subject 2021) to 401-500 globally. UI is ranked 7th in Southeast Asia which is the only university from Indonesia that has made it into the Top 10 in Southeast Asia.

In measuring higher education performance, THE WUR by Subject 2022 uses the same indicators as THE WUR 2022. These indicators have been calibrated to suit each field of science. THE WUR by Subject 2022 conducts a ranking assessment based on five indicators, namely: Industry Income (2.5%), International Outlook (7.5%), Teaching (30%), Research (30%), and Citations (30%) .

This institution performs a ranking based on aspects of teaching performance (teaching and learning activities, number of staff-student ratios, ratio of graduates with bachelor-doctoral degrees, doctoral awards according to scientific disciplines), research performance, the amount of university work cited (citations) by individual scholars on a global scale, industry income, as well as international outlook (proportion of foreign students, international collaboration).

Four fields of science at the University of Indonesia (UI) occupy the top positions as the best university in Indonesia based on an assessment carried out by the world university ranking agency, Times Higher Education (THE). THE released THE World University Rankings (WUR) by Subject 2022 for 5 (five) fields of science, namely: Engineering and Computer Science (6 October 2021) and Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Law on 6 October 2021. The rankings were announced through their official website, THE World University Rankings https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-universityrankings/by-subject.

When viewed from the five assessment indicators of THE WUR by Subject 2022, in Indonesia, UI excels in four assessment indicators. The four indicators are Industry Income 97.8, International Outlook with a score of 58.3, Teaching 31.8, and Research 16.6. The field of study in Social Sciences covers a wide range of subjects. The subjects used to make this ranking are Communication and media studies, Politics and international studies (including development studies), Sociology, and Geography.

In the field of Engineering, UI is ranked second best in Indonesia, managed to enter the Top 15 best universities in Southeast Asia, and is ranked 601–800 in the world. The UI score on the Industry Income indicator is the highest score of the other indicators, namely, 81.6. In Indonesia, in this field, UI excels in the assessment indicators of International Outlook 50.8 and Teaching 29.1.

Responding to this achievement, the Dean of the UI Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ir. Hendri D.S. Budiono said that this achievement puts FTUI as one of the best technical education institutions in Indonesia. “FTUI pays special attention to efforts to improve FTUI’s international ranking. From research and community service achievements, FTUI continues to increase from 2017 – 2020, which amounted to 63.3 billion in 2020. Several research results have also been successfully commercialized including the “Covent-20″ emergency ventilator, Propolis Indonesia, Flock Swab, and many more.” he said. FTUI is fully supported by 250 lecturers, and 172 permanent and temporary employees. More than 84% of lecturers (210 people) have doctoral degrees from various universities abroad.

Regarding teaching assessment indicators, FTUI has 12 undergraduate study programs, 7 master study programs, and 6 FTUI doctoral study programs that have been accredited A from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education and have also been assessed by a regional assessment institution, the ASEAN University Network. Currently, FTUI has 1083 courses listed on the EMAS UI website. Teaching and learning facilities at FTUI are continuously improved and oriented towards a green building setting. Since 2018, FTUI has added several PLTS facilities, including 50 kWp on the roof of the Engineering Center building, 10 kWp of Floating PV on the Mahoni Lake, and 101 kWp on the roof of the i-CELL Building.

Meanwhile, in the field of Business & Economics, UI is ranked 1st in Indonesia, ranked 21st out of 33 institutions in Southeast Asia, and ranked 601+ in the world. In the Industry Income indicator, UI achieved the highest score of the other indicators, namely, 88.1. In Indonesia, UI excels in the International Outlook assessment indicators with a score of 38.9 and Teaching 31.8.

Further on, in the field of Computer Science, UI is ranked 2nd in Indonesia, 8th position out of 32 institutions in Southeast Asia, which beat Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia), Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Mahidol University (Thailand), and Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (Indonesia); and ranks 601-800 in the world. In this field of science, UI excels in the International Outlook indicator in Indonesia, with a score of 31.9.




Dra. Amelita Lucia, M.Si. CPR

Head of Public Relations Bureau and KIP UI

Media contact: Mariana Sumanti, S. Hum, Wanda Ayu Agustin, S. IP


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