Presentation of the Vision and Mission of FEB UI Dean Candidates for the 2021-2025 Period

Presentation of the Vision and Mission of FEB UI Dean Candidates for the 2021-2025 Period


Rifdah Khalisha – Public Relations FEB UI


DEPOK – (21/10/2021) On Thursday (21/10), the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia held an online “Exposition of the Vision and Mission of FEB UI Dean Candidates for the 2021-2025 Period”. The event was open to the internal public—academics and the extended family of FEB UI—as well as to the external public—the wider community from various circles—through a live broadcast on the FEB UI Public Relations YouTube channel. More than 200 people attended the event and until the post was uploaded, more than 1,500 people viewed the program on the YouTube channel


The FEB UI Dean Candidate Selection Committee (PSCD) consists of Muhammad Chatib Basri, Ph.D. (Chairman of PSCD), Dr. Thia Jasmina (Secretary of PSCD), and Prof. Abdul Haris (UI Rectorate Representative). While the members of PSCD are Destry Damayanti, M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Robert Arthur Simanjuntak, Dr. Elvia Rosantina, and Dr. Tengku Ezni Balqiah.


In his speech, Muhammad Chatib Basri, Ph.D. said that the main event of the presentation of the vision and mission of the prospective dean candidates was very important in the FEB UI Dean Selection Series. He hopes that the dean election mechanism is guaranteed in transparency.


PSCD stated that Dr. Dodik Siswantoro, Siti Nuryanah, Ph.D., and Teguh Dartanto, Ph.D. were elected as dean candidates after passing the administrative verification stage on October 14, 2021. Each dean candidate had 15 minutes to explain their vision, mission, and work program.


Then, the panelists Prof. Mari Elka Pangestu, Ph. D. (Professor of FEB UI and World Bank Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships), Prof. Bambang P. S. Brodjonegoro, Ph.D. (Professor of FEB UI), and Eri Reksoprodjo, M.B.A. (Members of ILUNI FEB UI and Managing Partner of Kejora Ventures) responded to their explanations.


In the following session, the public asked limited questions to the prospective dean through a direct conversation column to the co-host, only regarding their vision and mission.


The public viewers seemed quite enthusiastic in asking questions about the efforts of prospective deans to handle lecturer recruitment, providing endowment funds, developing the sharia economic ecosystem, improving business aspects at FEB UI, involving students when preparing programs, guaranteeing campuses to be free from cases of sexual violence, and so on.


It is hoped that this presentation will produce leaders with high integrity so that they can bring FEB UI to achieve the vision of becoming an excellent economic and business learning center in Asia so as to contribute to the development of Indonesia and the global community.


Further on, the prospective dean will face a closed interview stage with PCSD on October 25-27. After the appointment on October 28, PSCD will announce and submit the Candidate for Dean of FEB UI to the Rector of UI on October 29, 2021.




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