Dato’ Dr. Low Tuck Kwong Donates Rp50 Billion for Universitas Indonesia Scholarships

Dato’ Dr. Low Tuck Kwong Donates Rp50 Billion for Universitas Indonesia Scholarships


DEPOK – (21/10/2021) The Rector of Universitas Indonesia (UI) Prof. Ari Kuncoro, S.E., M.A., Ph.D., and Dato’ Dr. Low Tuck Kwong, who on this occasion was represented by the General Chairperson of the Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center Filda Citra Yusgiantoro, ST, MBM, MBA, Ph.D., signed a Memorandum of Understanding (NKB) which was carried out on Thursday 21 October 2021. This marked the collaboration between the two institutions to collaborate in efforts to improve the quality of Human Resources (HR) and the competence of the nation’s children in the world of education.

Dato’ Dr. Low Tuck Kwong through the Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC), handed over educational funds given to students in the form of Education Operational Costs (BOP) which is a component of costs for operational purposes of organizing tri dharma activities in higher education. Dato’ Dr. Low Tuck Kwong made a donation of Rp 50 billion as an endowment fund where the investment management proceeds were used as an Education Operational Cost scholarship.

The signing ceremony of the NKB manuscript was attended by the President Director of PT Bayan Resources Tbk Dato’ Dr. Low Tuck Kwong; Prof. Ir. Purnomo Yusgiantoro, M.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.; PYC Board of Trustees Luky A. Yusgiantoro, Ph.D.; members of the PYC Supervisory Board Alexander E. Wibowo, JSD, and Inka B. Yusgiantoro, Ph.D, as well as leaders within UI. Dr. Ir. Dedi Priadi, DEA.; Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Abdul Haris; Vice Chancellor for Finance and Logistics Vita Silvira, S.E., Ak., MBA., CA; Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, drg. Nurtami, Ph.D., Sp, OF(K); Director of Cooperation Dr. Toto Pranoto, S.E,, M.M.; Director of Administration, Data and Product Management Research and Innovation Dr. Ima Mayasari, S.H., M.H.; Head of Public Relations and KIP Bureau Dra. Amelita Lucia, M.Sc.

In his welcoming speech, Prof. Ari appreciates the philanthropists who have donated the endowment fund to UI. “This is the first time in its history that UI has received a donation of IDR 50 billion as an endowment fund where the investment management proceeds are used as an Education Operational Fee scholarship. This collaboration is the first step of synergies with various collaborating partners that are in line with UI’s vision, in order to build student competencies and create graduates who are highly intellectual, virtuous, and able to compete globally.” he said.

“Providing educational funding assistance to realize UI as an Entrepreneurial University supported by a Smart Campus is expected to give our students the opportunity to improve their personal skills, creativity, ethics, innovation, and entrepreneurship.” said Prof. Ari. Furthermore, he hopes that this collaboration can create leverage that is not only beneficial for the realization of cooperation between the two parties, but more importantly, plays a role in efforts to improve the quality of Human Resources (HR) and the competence of the nation’s children in the world of education.

Meanwhile, Filda Citra Yusgiantoro in her opening remarks said that the main purpose of this scholarship is to improve the quality of human resources through education. According to Dato’, education is a very powerful change-making tool to solve many problems in society. “Education also allows the younger generation to express themselves more and do many inspiring things.” she said representing Dato’ Dr. Low Tuck Kwong.

This scholarship has been awarded to many universities in Asean, including universities in the Philippines, Singapore, and now in Indonesia. “In this case, Dato’ trusts UI as one of the leading educational institutions in Indonesia to manage this scholarship fund so that it can be given to students so they can focus on studying, without thinking about the cost of their education. This is important considering that the pandemic has forced many students to make difficult choices, between continuing their education or quitting their jobs and helping the family’s economy. This scholarship is expected to help UI students in need.” said Filda.

After the signing of the NKB, the event continued with a visit by Dato’ Dr. Low Tuck Kwong, the Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center team, and the UI Rector and his staff to the i-CELL Building or Integrated Creative Engineering Learning Laboratory. I-CELL is one of the efforts made by the UI Faculty of Engineering to increase the value of the UI GreenMetric ranking at the faculty level at UI. This is FTUI’s contribution to sustainable development through buildings that apply the principles of sustainability.

The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) is a non-profit organization that focuses on independent and in-depth research, to provide policy solutions and/or recommendations in the field of energy research and natural resources at local, national and global levels. PYC also focuses on solving problems and challenges in the energy and natural resources sector that have a significant impact on sustainable development in Indonesia. In the social sector, PYC holds various events aimed at helping the community in the fields of health, welfare, and education. In addition, it is also actively involved in promoting local and regional cultural heritage to preserve traditional Indonesian culture.


Dra. Amelita Lucia, M.Sc. CPR

Head of Public Relations Bureau and KIP UI

Media contact: Mariana Sumanti, S. Hum, Wanda Ayu Agustin, S. IP

(UI Media Relations, humas@ui.ac.id ; 08151500-0002)


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