FEB UI Holds Virtual Judiciary Even Semester 2019/2020 Undergraduate Level for 550 Graduates

FEB UI Holds Virtual Judiciary Even Semester 2019/2020 Undergraduate Level for 550 Graduates

Nino Eka Putra ~ PR of FEB UI

DEPOK – (16/8/2020)

The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, held a Virtual Judiciary Even Semester 2019/2020 for Undergraduate Level, which was divided into 2 parts, namely the Faculty event and later to the Department event, on Friday (16/10/2020 ).

The event, which is a continuation of the UI graduation, began with a report from the Deputy Dean for Education, Research and Student Affairs, Teguh Dartanto, Ph.D. Teguh said that the FEB UI Judicium even Semester 2019/2020, Undergraduate Level stated that as many as 550 students graduated, consisting of 394 people from the Regular Program, 16 from the Parallel Program, 37 from the Extension Program, and 103 from the International Special Class Program (64 students comes from dual degree and 39 students come from single degree).

FEB UI graduates with the highest GPA came from Economics, namely I Gede Sthitaprajna Virananda with a GPA of 3.99, followed by Natasya Lucky with a GPA of 3.98 from KKI Accounting, and Danang Nur Fauzan with a GPA of 3.85 from Management Extension. In addition, the fastest study period, came from Management achieved by Andrew Deni Yonathan with a study period of 3 years and 8 months, then Putri Modiyanti with a study period of 3 years and 6 months from KKI Manajemen, and Trisepti Wahyuningsih with a study period of 2 years 10 months from the Accounting Extension.

The youngest graduates from KKI in Economics were won by Canyon Keanu Can at  the age of 19 years and 5 months, Regular and Parallel Accounting were won by Nisa Afifah Irwan, aged 20 years and 4 months, and Rizky Pratama at  the age of 23 years 2 months from the Management Extension. Finally, the most senior graduate, Novi Anri, aged 34 years 10 months came from Management Extension.

Acting Dean of FEB UI, Dr. Beta Yulianita Gitaharie, in her speech said, “You are participating in a ceremony that is different from previous years, because you have to attend two ceremonies at once, namely: (1) graduation statement or judiciary, and (2) graduate graduation which is all done virtually, something we never imagined before. However, the solemnity and meaning remains the same. FEB UI continues to be committed that the S-1 Program is still the basis for producing alumni who make real contributions to the nation, both as academics, experts, decision makers in government and the private sector. The work and dedication of FEB UI alumni in society also affects the position of FEB UI in Indonesia and internationally,” said Beta.

“My message is, even though you have graduated, keep engaged with us on campus, participate in alumni surveys organized by Study Programs, Faculties, and Universities. To borrow Mas Menteri’s terminology, you are now ready to break from the campus ‘aquarium’ to the real-life ‘ocean’ with many different challenges. We, on behalf of the leadership of FEB UI, congratulate your title. Be productive in any position. And keep the good name of your UI and FEB UI alma mater,” Beta stated.

Student representative of graduates from the FEB UI Economics Study Program, I Gede Sthitaprajna Virananda, said that studying at FEB UI has provided many memories, of course each graduate has different personal experiences while studying at FEB UI. “Let us express our deepest gratitude to parties who have contributed to our graduation today, both lecturers for the knowledge and opportunities that have been given during the study period, as well as the staff of Prodi, Departments and Faculties, for all administrative assistance and series. academics that have facilitated the learning process, “said Jana.

“On the one hand, I believe, the skills and experience gained from studying at FEB UI can make us adaptive and resilient in facing various situations, such as Covid-19. Therefore, let’s not only fight together to continue our respective careers, but also contribute according to our respective fields in the joint struggle to face the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Please pray, so that we can achieve the highest dreams, can carry the good name of the FEB UI alma mater, and make a meaningful contribution to the nation and state as the next generation who is wise and with integrity,” said Jana.

Chair of ILUNI FEB UI, Destry Damayanti, said that FEB UI has proven to produce many figures who have high integrity, quality, and good character, who become policy makers in Indonesia. She invited the young graduates to join and register at the ILUNI FEB UI organization, through the ilunifebui.org/register website, because there were so many fellow alumni and activities that could support the development of graduates. In addition, ILUNI FEB UI has also provided scholarships for 500 FEB UI students.

“After you finish your education at FEB UI, of course you will face real world situations. You will face work situations which are certainly not as smooth or in line with the theories that are found in the world of education. From there, it takes maturity and innovative thinking. However, we sincerely hope that you can contribute positively to building and encouraging the economy of the nation and country towards Advanced Indonesia, Golden Indonesia 2045. I congratulate the graduates and congratulate the leaders and lecturers of FEB UI, because thanks to their services, Indonesia can create Human resources that are superior, competitive, work and serve our beloved nation and country,” Destry said to the graduates at the end of her speech.

Judicium of the FEB UI Department

The FEB UI Virtual Judicum is followed by a graduation ceremony from each Department, consisting of Economics, Management, and the Department of Accounting.

The Department of Economics (IE) FEB UI produced 119 Bachelor of Economics graduates. Divided into 74 Economics Study Programs (34 women and 40 men, and 40 of them cum laude), Islamic Economics Study Program 32 graduates (15 women and 17 men, and 9 of whom are cum laude), and KKI Economics Study Program produces 13 graduates (4 women and 9 men).

The Management Department of FEB UI produced 238 Bachelor of Economics graduates. Divided into the Management Study Program with 124 graduates (79 women and 45 men, with 58 cum laude), the Islamic Business Study Program produces 30 graduates (18 women and 12 men, with 10 cum laude), the Management KKI Study Program produces 55 graduates (37 women and 18 men. ), The Management Extension Study Program produced 29 graduates (13 women and 16 men, with 15 cum laude honors).

The Department of Accounting FEB UI produced 193 graduates of Economics, in the Regular and Parallel Programs it produced 150 graduates (96 women and 54 men, with 64 cum laude predicates), the KKI Accounting Program produced 35 graduates (22 women and 13 men), and the Program The Accounting extension produced 8 graduates (4 women and 4 men).

The FEB UI graduation event is supported by several partners who have established good cooperation, namely from PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation, PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, and PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (hjtp)



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