Seminar from International Institute of Social Sciences, Netherlands

Seminar from International Institute of Social Sciences, Netherlands

Melva Costanty – Humas FEB UI

Nurlaily Setyasari ~ International Office FEB UI

DEPOK – On Tuesday (05/11/2019), PPIE of FEB UI held a seminar with international speaker entitled “How to Find a Good Research Topic.” Mr Elissaios Papyrakis, PhD from the International Institute of Social Studies was the speaker at this seminar. Mr Papyrakis is an Associate Professor with 43 journal articles & books as well as having 2321 citations.

The seminar opened with welcoming remarks from Dr Arie Damayanti, S.E., M.Sc. Mr Papyrakis first review the general outline of the seminar, such as how to decide the topic, formulating research questions, finding good literature review as well as making an adequate econometric analysis. To find the first topic, start with what interests the researchers, list 4 or 5 areas that would be preferable, and then consider the practicality of doing the research.

Mr Papyrakis also explained that the research questions is a way to justify the research. For example, the research could have an implication to complete a gap in the academics area, spot a discussion, or evaluating relevant policy. Then, Mr Papyrakis also highlighted the importance of the literature review and how to manage it. For making a good literature review, the researcher needs to develop a bibliographic trail and list of relevant readings, as well as taking notes while reading.

Mr Papyrakis also highlighted methods such as econometrics as an important aspect of making good research. Mr Papyrakis suggests tips on how to make a sound analysis, such as to specify the models, answer the research question, build expertise, understanding the data, and keep it simple. Lastly, Mr Papyrakis also review some topic examples and how to develop them. The seminar ended with a QnA session.

We very much thanks to Mr Elissaios Papyrakis, PhD for giving such a useful knowledge on formulating research. Hopefully, it would be proven useful for students of FEB UI. (IOFEB/NS)

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