Lembaga Management FEB UI and Singapore Management University (SMU) held Asian Financial Leader Programme


Lembaga Management FEB UI and Singapore Management University (SMU) held Asian Financial Leader Programme

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JAKARTA (15/5/2018)-On 15th May 2018, the Asian Financial Leader Program in Indonesia officially began. This program held by Lembaga Management FEB UI in collaboration with Singapore Management University (SMU). Whole of the event were in take at IMERI FKUI. There were 49 head of financial executive from across Singapore whom became the participants.

The AFLP invited speakers from Indonesian leader and most of them are alumni of FEB UI. In the first day, there were three speakers who gave a brief presentation with theme Emerging Trends and Risks of Asian Economies. They were Prof. DorodjatunKuntjoro-Jakti, Philips Vermonte and Prof. Firmanzah.

The first and the second session started from Prof. Dorodjatun whom talk about Emerging Trends in Southeast Asian Economies and Djokowinomics

“Until now Indonesia is still trying to find the ideal political economic system in accordance with the philosophy of Pancasila and vision / mission of the 1945 Constitution, especially related to the 1945 Constitution article 33 amendments” Said Prof. DorodjatunKuntjoro-Jakti in the second session.

Second session he presented about Indonesian Politics, Religion and Culture and Their implication for Financial Institutions.

The third session was presented by Philips Vermonte who talked about Navigating the Regulatory Maze: Political Dynamics in Indonesia.

The last session closed by Prof. Firmanzah who presented Assessing Risks of Southeast Asian Financial Markets: Implication of Political Changes in Indonesia.

“The 2018 local elction simultaneously held  on 27th June 2018, first, a proxy to the Pilpres 2019, second, coalitions built at the local level do not reflect coalitions at national level, political party machinery plays a big role” Said Prof. Firmanzah.During the session, participants were enthusiastic to the presentation and gave questions to the speakers. (Des)

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