Visit from Korea University Business School


On Monday (9/08/2017), a meeting was held between Korea University Business School (KUBS), South Korea and Universitas Indonesia (UI). KUBS was represented by Soo Young Kwon, Ph.D. (Dean of Korea University Business School) and Jaehwan Kim as Associate Dean.

It took place at FEB UI Dean Room, Dekanat Building, 3rd floor, FEB UI Campus, Depok. KUBS delegates were welcomed by Prof. Ari Kuncoro, Ph.D (Dean of FEB UI), Dr Yasmine Nasution (Corporate Secretary FEB UI), Mr. Isfandiary Djafaar, M.Soc.Sc (Head of Internantional Undergraduate Program), and Mrs. Muthia Pramesti, MM, CFP (Head of International Office FEB UI).

The agenda of the meeting was discussing wider opportunities for collaboration about student exchange program for undergraduate program under faculty level.

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